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"Well gosh, Now I really am broke..."

Boy, I've never seen so many folks hurting for money. It's like all the monthly bills just increased way beyond the average persons ability to keep up. My neighbor, the one with the 6 kids? He just got layed off. Thats the pits. I just paid all my bills and have a dollar ninety two left over. Whoppie...
Well, at least my bills did get paid. Gas over here just climbed to $1.82 a gallon. I remember paying $0.32 per gallon. My age is showing?
Frosty the dog had some kind of seizure this evening. He just started to shake his head in a nervous manner. Scared me. I petted him and he stopped.
I'll call the vet later today.

So, this second month is starting out broke. But, otherwise, I haven't had any sore throats yet this season. Yeahs.....

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