Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, that was a special Birthday. I heard from people I normally don't hear from.

But they remembered. and.......I shoveled the sidewalks and steps for the third day. yay. and sliped on black ice. YUCKIE POO. i didn't really fall, just slipped. But, we had 6 inches of snow where before it was almost bare ground.
So, I decided to listen to "Supertramp" and try my hand at new music. well, new to me anyway. all of our local radio stations are either talk, or oldie-goldies. What?  and one classical station. So i guess if i want to trymy ear at new tunes, I'll have to give either youtube or itunes a try. yuckie poo again.
ok, time to help out our trusty mailman. here i go shoveling. Yay. hey, if you want to help, just bring your own shovel. ( and nice chololate snacks would be appreciated too)
I'm off

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