Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I made it! It's my 67th Birthday!

YAY. While i never thought about how long I'd live, this is special. I've got my health ( with Mr.Arthritis) , GOOD LOOKS!!!, musical taste ( all music)  a lot of significant, special friends in my life. That add's so much to feeling alive. and....lets not forget shoveling snow this morning. YAY ME. Who wants a birthday cake when you can heave a shovel full of snow over your shoulder.
AH,,,,life is great, good.  Thank you GOD.  if i lived till the end of time, i could never do anything to justify what you've given, blessed me with. Amen.
So, with Scooter the cat sleeping at my feet, snow shoes calling out to me, I had better get the snow plowed so Mr.Mail man can have a easier time of it.
I'm off....and smiling, broadly.

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