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I love one, but not the other. I'll be dressing up to plow the neighbors walk and across the street.  it looks beautiful.  I'll hold my final desidsion till i get back in doors.  But i slep in till 9:30AM. The cat let me. Good kitty.
Today is happy make a grocery list Thursday. YAY ME.
I just got through holding and petting "The Cat". He's content.  amd I am a happy camper, if he is ok.
I finally found where the instructions are hiden in my new printer. yes, it's not obvisious where they are stored. I hit a menu button, and presto, another menu popped up. ect ect. but i finally found what i was looking for. Yay me. Look, what do i want for $49.00 bucks!
So enjoy the beautiful weather.
I'm off