Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, another year, and no grammy for me.....or scooter!

Not that I've recorded anything anybody could actually hear, but it would be a nice surprize. Me playing a Kazoo and Scooter a scratch post. sure. why not.
Well, here we are. HAPPY WEDNESDAY. Happy, because we're about to go from Fall 2016 to WINTER, big time, 2016. all within one whole week.  Maybe, being shut inside, we, the cat and I, can actually compose a song or two. Winter will be  a long one this time. four years to be exact.
It was a very hard thing to do. I cleaned out my old college papers and notebooks. Wow, I sure wrote better papers then than i do now. but i don't have any professors needling me to come up with original ideas. from 1981 till the end of college.  I really enjoyed attending college. I learned a lot. the greatest thing, was learning how to learn. keep an open mind. Don't get set in our ways and always question what is presented to you. I loved learning....ah..... I would be one happy camper if i could have finished my college education M.S. Ph.D. and then,   yes, unemployed!!!  or a professor. Yes, i you really want to know a topic, teach it!  I got that bit of wisdom from my personal physician. May Dr. Walter Borman R.I.P.
enough of memory lane. gads, I love every single memory, well, except for the times i dated......thats another story.
ok, i'm off

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