Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yay. freezing temps, snow, but no reindeer or jolly overweight guys in red suits....

It must be December, huh. But it does look beautiful outside. ah......pretty to look at, nice to behold, but my oh my, i hate to shovel it , what a load! and my aching back when i'm done.
So, boys and girls, what do you want for Christmas??  "Cabbage patch doll?", a Duncan Yo-you?  in line skates? or a nice musical instrument?   AH, Christmas.  But what do you Women and  Men want? perfume for the gals, or a nice new vacuume cleaner? the guys, why white tee shirts of course.  Now this is the definition of being a kid at heart and a boring grown up.  Give me the yo-yo any old time. ( or a nice Lionel Train- steam locomotive for sure).
ok i'll quit the day dreaming.
I'm off

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