Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ah, Sunday before Monday. and here comes the artic front....but better than the artic rear??

Never heard that one before. But we're supposed to start getting S.N.O.W. today and then the temp will slowly drop. and drop. and drop some more till May and SPring arrive.  So today is peaceful Sunday. a day of rest and getting things done, like secreatary stuff and maybe hug and hold the cat some more. According to the cat, that is my purpose in life.  Huh, I never knew that. ok, i guess.
and i just decided i am starting to need a hair cut. In December??  well, I'll look sharp and cute and handsome and ect ect.  Self praise, half scandel.
ok, time to hug the cat and change his litter box.
I'm off

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