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So, wow, what a weather pattern we've been experiencing. first, spring falls on us, then comes the cold snap the first week of june and then we roast most of the summer and now.......an artic front and snow. Thank goodness we've expecting reindeer and a jolly over weight guy in a red suit. oh, and hopefully, a nice, gentle snow shower on my birthday. ( i love a gentle snow fall- the kind you can watch all day and night.)
so tonight is the club meeting and the Chrsitmas party. I can't believe I've been there a whole year. But it does get me to keep busy, and thats the important thing. Never slow up, keep working at something.
So, time to hold the cat. He demands it. oh, he's doing something new now. When i set the table for breakfast, usually a tall glass of water, some how, myseteriously, there is water spills on the tables. I didn't put them there either. I wonder who did????
ok, i'm off