Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

in honor of Cuppy Kate. who forgot her password.......we miss you.

i hope yuri visits you. that would be great. It's been way too long since i saw photo's of kisa and her B.F.
I had a busy Tuesday and got a lot done. Today is picking up the pieces kind of day. Roll out the carts and be gratful there's no icy driveway or sidewalk to push the carts through. but oh the rain. yuckie poo.
Today is the last day of November. Where did the days-month go??  Now i have to start thinking about making up a Chrsitmas list. And I'll usually come up with getting those people gift cards because I can't think what to really get them.
It's time to get the old snow shovel out. I'm kidding myself. YES, IT IS GOING TO S.N.O.W. and pretty darn soon too.
ok, i'll get with the program......  Would i move to a southern western state?   NO WAY. I love the S.N.O.W. and Michigan specailly.
ok, I'm off  ( whistle while i work....)

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