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Friday...brrrrrrr...11' I wish I had a bear rug, or even a bear!

gosh, I didn't want to get out from the nice, cozy, toasty, covers this morning. But paying bills is a must. especially if you want heat to fill ones house. Frosty the dog received his new anti-biotics. Its supposed to help his nasty infected teeth. otherwise, he's a healthy pooch. 15 years old. I hope this helps him out. Seeing how its Friday, we're ordering take out. Hunnan Chinese food. yum! The fried vegetables sound good, but so does the shark fin soup: $8.95 for 2!
I think I'll stay the course with the Won Ton soup and fried veggies ( with oodles of rice). I have a new DVD I'd like to watch, "Casablanca" ( terrible spelling....) Maybe I'll cozy up in my bed and put "Perfect Blue" on my computer.
But hey, its Friday and that means another 2 hours of "Fist of the North Star". Oh yeahs... I just hope when he rescuesthat babe, she's worth it.

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