Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See the photo of my dog, Yogi. he's pointing towards all the SNOW clouds heading this way.

Yogi was a great Samoyed dog.  he was my second sammie and we had a swell time. he taugh me all about nature and how to view it. dogs are like that.  just give them their head and follow their lead. Don't drag them around the block. you'll miss the point of walking a dog. learn from them. they're great teachers.
So today is TGIS and a wonderful Saturday it is.   did my grocery shopping on BLACK FRIDAY and survived!!!  Yeah me. of course it did get spoiled by walking through the cold rain in the parking lot. yuck.
But i'm home and made a delisous bowl of Ramen noodle soup. yum.
Today, i think goulash might be on the menu....
ok, I'm off  ( in more ways than one)

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