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Yes, this is the last TGIF of November. Next weeki, it will be Reindeer month and season.  Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving all up to the time the ambulance came: I thought i was having a stroke. I wasn't. it was a neuological event. scared my pants off though.  I should have knew better what the signs are. I forgot. But all is better. No stroke, no visit to the E-room. Like i said, yesterday was a great Thanksgiving. I had a whole half of a pumpkin pie to myself: didn't have to share!  YAY for not sharing. ( just with pumpkin pie).
Rich D stopped over and almost fell asleep, again.....YET.  i didn't offer him any pumpkin pie, it was already gone by then.
Today is grocery day. YAY me. yuck. and on black friday too. yuckie poo.
oh well. enjoy the long weekend.
I'm off