Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

22 degrees.....70 last Friday, and now 22.

I'd say Fall-Winter is fast upon us.  Today is physical day with the Doctor. and I don't mean Dr.Who. I wish it was him, with his magnetic screwdriver. Now that would be fun. and lets not forget K-9. I miss him.  My Dr. would always be Tom Baker. He was great.
Cold Tuesday. even the cat couldn't keep me warm last night.
This is great kalbasa and Sauerkraut weather. yum..
Wow, what a week ahead of us. Turkey day, grocery day. and don't forget Black Friday- Fred Meijer's favorite day of the year. He's a neighbor of mine who passed away a few years back. He also had a "few" grocery stores.   A nice man.
ok, time to drink more hot coffee. yum
I'm off

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