Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's TGIF and HAPPY FRIDAY, all rolled into one!

Wow, Thursday was busy and hungry day. had to fast for blood test, then roll back the emptied carts. but no yard waste pick up yet. Then yummy pizza and window man, all at the same time. what a deal. YAY me.
Then my pal from the east side of lake michigan stopped by: his daughter was trying to fly in from Denver. through a blizzard. she made it. Then we ate again, yummy burrto from Toco boys. yay.
I think i have my bathroom appliances  all figured out. I'll know in a couple of weeks.
busy thursday. now today, is happy Friday. restful Friday. just kind of let it all hang out.
YAY. oh, did i mention the S.N.O.W. that we'll be having tomorrow and Sunday??  what, i didn't. shame on me. Yes, TONS of snow. or not.
I'm staying inside and hiding under the bed with the cat.
ok, I'm really off this time.

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