Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mr.Bumpy said he will help us all out....

and if anybody can help us out, it's Mr.BUmpy.  of course, Molly the comfort doll will help him out. she always comes to the rescue.
So today is "Line up the carts day". all three of mine and two of my neighbors. call it a parade of carts??
So day 9 of no network TV has been a smashing sucess. I"ve brough skyrim up to almost level 60!   And, i have to get ready for my blood test tomorrow: i have to fast for 12 hours. just water. oh well. it's for a good purpose.  i think.
aready had cat on lap time. yay me. and meow for him. it must be nice.
ok, I'm off
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