Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

leaf sweepers. on a full bright moon.

yup. at 12:12AM, two brand new street sweepers came by and picked up all those nasty leafs that fell during the hard frost we had Thursday.  the new sweepers are two toned in color. interesting. white and either black or a dratk grey. they were quiet for the most of the time.  And yesterday, I tried to finish up the back yards' leafs. ha ha ha. wow, i forgot how many leafs a butternut tree drops all at once. All of them.
But last night, my pal stopped by and plugged in my other BluRay player. I had a disc that wouldn't play on the new player. it was the new player: it didn't like the disc i had. the one did ok. go figure.
we also got the HF right figured out: it has a menu system on setting up the rig. Wow, talk about conplex. this is no entry rig.
So while we listened to classical music i got from england, we sat and simply enjoyed the time. ah.......
ok, time to go hug the cat.
I'm off

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