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"Yeahs. this must be some left overs from Otana's Birthday party"

Wow, this is so cool. Snow all over the place, deep, with ice under it. Man, I wish I had a car to drive right about now. We helped our neighbor get her car un-stuck: she's a 3rd grade teacher and she was going to take her big sister to Disney on ice.Wait one minute. I got that all wrong. She's the big sister. She wanted to take her friend out. What a night too. We even had her neighbors 2 girls helping us. Man oh how I wish I had a car.
Well, I've started picking out new icons. I'm looking through my collection of movies and LJ icon collection: it numbers well ove 9000!. You folks certainly are creative.
So, now I'm off to watch a nice anime. I hope.
I still want to see Perfect Blue. some day...
oh, got my McAfee's virus version 9 today. kind of neat: I don't see all those pop ups telling me about stopped e-mail. maybe thats good.

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