Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Thursday....Happy because the sun is shinning and its a bristly 45 degrees.

But,  I perfer this weather than i do that crazy 90 high humid junk.  I took advanage of Amazon prime streaming service last night. I watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It was pretty good.
I suppose i should take advantage of the nice weather and pick up the fallen leafs. I just clean them up, when whooze..another neighbors tree dumps their leafs on my yard.
it's fall. now i know why they have called it that. Fall.
Time is flying by us. two weeks from today is Gobble gobble day. I can't believe it's here already. Then, my birthday ( hint hint: i'd love a new Rolls or Benley)
The cat is getting old too. he loves to jump up on my lap more and more.   Thats nice to look foreard to each day. I had a Samoyed dog who would do that, but he kind of grew out of it.
So, happy Thursday. hope you all have successes in whatever you do.
I'm off.

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