Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mojo Jo Jo voted today......"Did you?"

well, it took 14 months, but we've finally arrived. YAY. more robo calls. no more mailboxs full of useless.political ads. today. i'm keeping the tv turned off all of the networks and just watching or should i say, re-watching "Startrek Beyond". Good movie and better the second time.
finished the side yard vacumming up leafs and today is deciding where to store the lawnmower over the winter. I bought a plastic protection cover for it, so maybe that will work.  i hope.
it is supposed to rain today. yay.
i discovered another dvd that wouldn't play.  i'm getting upset. that's the second one in just over 3 weeks!
we'll test it and see if its actually the disc or........
ok, I'm off and fancy free ( the cat made me say that)

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