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I did it!....
Really, I finally decided to pay for live journal and also had a real bad reaction to the new high blood pressure medicine. Good gosh, I thought I would be making a trip down to the Emergency room, but it faded and stopped short of causing any real harm.
Basically, your at a high risk if you have water in your legs and face. Well I do, but the educated Dr. didn't notice and I didn't make any connection till I read the contraindication sheet. Wow. It could have been worse. I had swelling in my lips, face and throat and a real dry area on my tough and throat.
So, tomorrow I'll the Dr and see what he wants to do.
I spent a good deal of time locating graphics for my live journal. I think I have the right ones. At least they are very expressible. Now time to think about what color I'll use and hopefully, I'll get it all ready for this week. Yipee skippe! This is going to be great. Finally I'll get back to creating things instead of farting around with junk.
ok, now time for a bath..nuts......

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