Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket.

What are these you say?  Why the lastest cartoon on nicktoons that has that 1960's feel to it.  give it a glance!
SO today, is HEAT WAVE Sunday. yup. the mercury will zap all the way to 60 plus degrees!   Momma, turn the AC on.
But, no rain. Now that good, because they had some SNOW flakes up north yesterday morning. SUre, miss us. why not.
Today is stay inside day. There is whole bunch of nothing on tv to chose from.  ( Fire up the BetaMax).
I have many many things to chose from: new toilet, new net radio,decide where to store my lawn mower and install my new radio ( new to me).
busy day. beside reading the Sunday paper and holding the cat.
I did have a strange dream last night that i remember. it was weird: I was were my Grampa and getting ready to walk down to to the bus stop, but the weather had that dreary grey look to it.  strange....funny feel to it too.
ok, I'm off

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