Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

to pumpkin or not to pumpkin, that might be the question.

I can't make my mind up if i want to put the plastic pumpkin out or not. ( i probably will)  I didn't buy any candy, due to there only be about 4 or 6 kids in the neighborhood.  "Hey, mom and dad , where are all the large families??"
Had a lousy night trying to sleep: the temp got down to 72 degrees at 3AM! yuck. But this coming Thursday monring will make up for it: low of 38 degrees.
So, for fun and entertainment, i watched "X-MEN". I forgot how it started.  good flick.
today I'm waiting for the city inspector. seems when one gets a new large appliance, the city wants to check to see if it's up to code. Yay me. I paid the new furnace off yesterday. Yay me.  Now that feels great.  Here i've been worried about how in the world I'd replace that old gravity furnance, and now its done. Yay me and a whole peck of other folks.
I'm off

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