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yes, it is only 2 weeks away. and i still have no plans on buying the over priced candy.  But I'll probably relent and buy some. maybe.
I can count the number of kids that live around here on one hand. sad, isn't it.
Friday was busy day. got woke up, hurriedly made toast and let the boiler dude do his stuff. then came back, and no, i didi't go back to bed. answered two phone calls and then went grocery shopping. got back, my neighbor took me out to dinner. yay me.
got back and sure enough, my other pal stopped by, and promply ate my cookies and drank my coke cola.
busy Friday.
today, got up way early to watch two cartoons. yes, i said cartoons. and now, getting ready to do the laundry.
oh, did i mention holding the cat several times? well i did.
ok, i'm off