Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, at lease the cat helped me yesterday....

i was a sick boy. got water in my ear again, yet!  yup, infection started up and i couldn't get my balance. i didn't fall, but the chair might say otherwise. That was yesterday. Today, i'm 100% better. ( THANK YOU GOD)
of course, i had Dr.Meow Kitty at my side most of the time and he nursed ( licked my face) back to health.  of course, that required serveral cat scartches and pets.
So today, beside helping the furnance guy work on my neighbors boiler, i have to get groceries. YUCKIE POO. BUt, tonight, i have a dinner date at Fatboys. YAY.
ok, time to have a second cup of coffee. YAY me.
I'm off

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