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Finally, it's back to normal.....

Just finished flipping the Hard Drive LED cable: the manual indicated one thing, but in fact, it was the other way around. Wow, New monitor, (17' Samsung) new case & power supply ( ANTEC lancase). Gee, now all I have to do is get ready for next months utility bills. ##&^@*($*

( that was my really simple imitation of swearing )

But good things do happen. My Russian, Serge, came over and cooked Chicken Curry. Yum yum....with Jasime Rice. yum...
Tomorrow ( remember, I'm on a diet here) My brother is going to cook a rump roast. blink......Don't you even dare think that....
Meijers grocery store had a terrific sale on roasts today. yum.
So, now back to normal. Oh. my arthritis finally left my left shoulder over the night. About time. its been just about two weeks of non-stop ouch. Gad, I hate that..
ok, now to go watch some anime or something....


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