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Well, now that was special.

Had a great club meeting, and then tried a new Restaurant  The Coney .  I forgot the last part of the name. but it was great. I let the waitress pick out what i wanted.  A new york reuban. yum.  The club meeting was kind of long, due to nominations of club officers. only one change, and no, it was not me. they seemed to like me. so maybe i'll get elected for another year.
Then I made the mistake upon getting home to turn the TV on.  I really only wanted to see what our weather would like today. should or could i mow the lawn.  Well, i ran right smack into the trump non-sense. oh boy.  But i did manage to find out it would be a tad too cold to mow the lawn today.
Today, the cat woke me up at 7AM. and on a Saturday too. But we went back to bed and slept in till 10:58AM. YAY.
so today i have some moving of gear and actually, a lot of moving of gear.
ok, I'm off