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Boo.....scared, aren't you??

well, you could be. if you ever have seen how i carve up a pumpkin. I just wonder why the pumpkin carving police haven't came after me after all these years. what i do to a pumpkin is criminal..... But it's only once a year.
I did it. I picked up and sawed branches yesterday and filled up the yard waste cart. with grass clippings too. it was a heavy sucker to roll out to the curb. it was  a pretty sight: three carts, all lined up in a neat roll. I wonder if its too late to enter it in Artprize?  yeah. the voting concludes tonight at 11:59PM.
ok, cloudy Thursday. gloomy, actually. but its 69 degrees and then the bottom drops out later. yuck.
ok, I'm off