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yup. i put the scary pumpkin back up.

It's time. Halloween is only 3 1/2 weeks away.  So, what is the great pumpkin going to get you this year?  I thought i might ask for a new sledge.??
Well, last night turned out  a no show. No show as in the disk 2 wouldn't play. Grrrrrrr. thats the second time disk 2 has failed. But this time, i got smart. i tried playing it on my laptop pc: it worked!. So there is definetly something not right with my Sony BluRay player. which is a bummer, since i got that several years ago. you know, when it was expensive at the time i bought it.
oh well.
so today is clean up Wednesday. I must get ready for tomorrows pick up day: trash, recycle and yard waste. all three carts lined up in a row. what a pretty sight.
ok, i'm off