Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

so here we are. Terrible Friday, on Tuesday??

ok, i jumped the gun, so speak. I'm done crying. I paid all my bills yesterday. Now I can't buy you that really expensive Christmas gift I was thinking of getting for you.
oh well. maybe just a sketch would do you??
So, I decided to catch up with History, by watching Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end. gosh, 2 hours 45 minutes. now thats one long movie. but it was fun to watch Johnny Depp develop a screen role. he is great at doing that.
So today is terrible laundry day. or as the shop down the street advertises, "Sit and Spin".
I think for tonights viewing pleasure, "Witch Hunter Robin". it is the month of Halloween after all.  as they say in the B.C> comics today, "Did you get your pumpkin hunting tag?"
just thought i'd ask.
ok, I'm off

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