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ouch Monday.

Bad night with Mr. and Mrs. Arthritis. seems they really get their tails in a huff when the weather changes. and boy, is it ever going to change within the next 24 hours. from 50 to 80. yuck.  Bring on the stable snow. please.
I did have one or two bright moments last night. Rich D stopped by and i explained some more of Skyrim to him. But he missed the video of me firing an arrow and it flying through the air. now thats the 3rd time that has happened. What a kick!
 Ok ok. he was busy doing and planing the week ahead and forgot to bring me the two latest Star trek movies. thats ok. Now I get to decide if i want to watch "Blodd +" or Dragonball and Dragonball Z. it's fall after all.
ok, time to go.
I'm off