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But, 80 is back in the forecast by Wednesday.  I did it. I watched all of the movies of the star trek series. Both the first one  and the second generation.  Now thats a lot of empty space!!!!
 I also tried PapaJohns new "PAN" Pizza. Now that was special. it reminded me of when we got pizza a million years ago.  That good. it's double baked and it is good. give it a try if you like pizza. ( like a turtle do)
We slept in again. but not quite so long today. it was nice, beind on the weekend. Yay us. of course, that meant the cat got to jump up on my lap at two locations. cats.
Today i get to finish up the net script and hope it does justice to the club. I think it will, but you'll never know till you actually do it.
i just saw that "Howdy Dooty" is on COZI channel, 290 comcast. new or the old one???
wait and see.
ok, i'm off