Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

it's Fall Thursday. one whole week has gone by since Fall fell on us...

kind of. I decided to celebrate fall, i would not watch any Network news till after the November election. I can't stand the jabs and smears that is repeated. So, I thought I'd make up by watching different video series i have, but haven't watched in a while. If i bought it, i watch it, and usually, more than once. Right now, I'm watching the entrie Star Trek films collection. Now thats not my collection, but a friend loaned them to me. wow, thats a lot of films!
and to help us out, the cat let us both sleep in today. The noisey garbage truck woke us up.  But time to get up anyway. Things to accomplish, or at lease, try to get done.
ok, meow.
I'm off

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