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Wow. now that was funny, serious and even scary.  did i mention informative too?  yes it was. Hillary has a nice well thought out plan, that should work wonders.
enough said.
so, it's happy Tuesday and I'm desiding if i want to walk up to the avenue for a dozen eggs. Eggs, you heard right. I miss them. but, it is only 50 degrees something all day. with rain possible tonight. yay us.
So today I get to decide if i want pizza for dinner ( i've had way too much pizza) or........yeah. thats the problem. what to have. oh well. I could ask the cat, scooter would share his meal with me, even though I don't think I'd like cat food.  I have oodles of stuff to chose from, just, nothing sounds really interesting( for lack of a better word).
Monday i did a lot of Tuesdays' work: remove the AC from the window and clean it so Scooter can pear outside. do the laundry, empty the litter box, the trash. ect......busy monday. now Tuesdays here, and I did most of today's work yesterday. boy, am i industrious or what.
ok, enough pating myself on the back. this was all necessary work. nothing special.
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Sep. 27th, 2016 02:44 pm (UTC)


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