Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

the first week of fall 2016

Yay us. it feels like.......August? well, sort of. humid, a tad warm, and off and on rain. yuck. good thing i have laundry to do.  and of course, holding the cat.
I decided to watch "Star Trek   First contact".  tonight, not sure. oh wait, we have the debate on,  don't we. sigh. i suppose, unless i get lost in playing Skyrim.  It's tiem i changed my games. final fantasy, perhaps??  i'm not one for single person shooters, and, games do to my mind and imagination what a weight room does for my muscles.
ok, I discovered how to e-mail a photograph i took on my smarty-pants phone. wow, what a hard learning curve that one was. but its done.
ok, i'm off

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