Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,
ancientone I-pad seems to be holding a charge!

Now thats good news, since i really don't feel like spending oodles of bucks on a similar device.  and the time it would take to input all my tunes. naw. I'll keep this I-pod as long as it lasts.
So today is Happy Sunday. My new furnace is working wonderfully and mr.arthritis isn't showing its nasty head. well, it is, but not like it did. Yay me.
Now today, is get the house ready for S.N.O.W.  Yes folks, SNOW. and its going to be one godzilla winter, with snow, ice, cold temps and icy roads.  Wait, we get that each winter. nothing new here. oh well. the good thing is that we won't have to mow our lawns till spring next year.  I hope.
The cat was on my lap, sleeping again. its his morning i woke up now its time to take a nap snooze. Cats.
ok, I'm off

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