Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The first full weekend of Fall 2016.

Yay us. the leaves are still hanging on the trees and the grass will need to be mowed....some time.  For Friday nights movie pleasure, I watched "Titan A.E." and " Kung Fuu Panda".   well, it beats watching cops or NCI something or the other. I see "The Outer limits" is on Comet channel. Whatever that is.
It's Saturday. YAY. a bowl of cereal and watch saturday morning cartoons. ha ha ha.  The cat and i chose to sleep in. is good.
i think its a good day to enjoy fall. while the temp is way above freezing, i may just take advanage of the good weather and watch fall from my front porch. thats what front porchs are made for. and they are wonderful at it too.
ok, I'm off

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