Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

today feels like fall...

hearing the crunch of leafs under foot. the fresh aroma of changing leaves.  and lets not forget the squirrels Scurrying about, hunting or hiding nuts for the LONG LONG winter. ah......Fall.   Now all i need is a bag of apples to complete the aroma of fall.  Of course, baking an apple pie sure helps. Made from scratch. yum.
But i'll settle for all the above except the apple pie. that can wait.
Here's one for you all. Lets see how good your memory is:  Sophie Tucker...Tallulah Bankhead.  I actually have these gals in my music collection, but haven't heard them mentioned in decades. They were good too.
oh well.  It's TGIF.
I'm off ( down memory lane)

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