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is "Rainbow Bridge".  It's on the internet and allows one to put the pets name and memorial memories. I've done it for my 6 Samoyed and they're still posted up there. The first was 1997.  Just a note to those who have lost a pet and want to help deal with the loss.
I had an adventure last night. I went over to my neighbors and met 2 squirrels, one or two chipmunks and a couple of Blue Jays. While i sat on cold hard steps, the squirrels incheds closer to me hoping i would have a shelled peanut for them. oh nuts! I went and gave each critter a coupld of shelled peanuts and even the blue jays grabbed them. ( I didn't know Blue Jays ate nets!!!!!)  I do now.
it was fun and reminded me of how much i miss my Butternet tree. sigh.....but everything has its' time of life cycle, even trees.
Laundry Thursday. yuck.
I'm off