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could be.  probably not though. right now, it is pitch black in this room. the only light is from the monitor. now thats dark. But its kind of fun knowing i don't have to pick up branches and mow the backyard.  I still will do that, but not today. Today is special. today is roll out the trash and recycle carts. yay me. and maybe try and fit my neighbors old yuckie cart into my cart. maybe.
My audio and video friend ( the one who comes over and we listen to operas and classical music) loaned me Star trek, all of the movies. I watched Star Trek the motion picture last night. wow, I was in college when that came out. thats all us guys could talk about. the new star trek movie. we even snuck a computer star trek game into our mainframe computer. the guys at the computer center knew about it, but as long as we didn't get carried away, they would let it stay. it was a basic language based game. wow. no graphic user interface here. just a blinking promp. ah....the good old days.....
ok, i'm through going down memory lane.
I'm off