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Happy soggy Saturday.

and a nice one it is too!  Scooter the cat actually let me sleep in today. The first day I've actually got over 5 hours of sleep. ah....and you thought buying your first car was special. Ha. nope.  And, we didn't receive any phone calls. Yay us.
So today, I will make Goulash and perhaps, actually eat it too. I am one hungry dude.  See, buying on a diet, or in my case, modifiying my lifestyle, gets my body to reduce it's size. that can hurt. going down 3 pant siizes within 3 months or so, does have an effect. mine, i'm hungry. because i simply don't eat as much as i used to. but it's nice to be able to wear a reduced sized pant. yay. bad news, all my old pants start to fall off my body. suppenders or belt, doesn't matter.  So i may go cloeths shopping, something i really hate doing.
ok, enough about pants. now,,,,
I'm off