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what a deal. we can now rest up tonight and play all weekend. We can start by playing hopstoch on the sidewalk. then, if we're really feel up to it,  jump rope. a family favorite. ah, the days of playing in the fall. so much fun.
but i have work to catch up on too. laundry, grocery shoping and still haven't decided on what meat to get????????  i know, ground beef!  they have a sale: 30 days same as cash!  or a lay-a-way plan. these grocers sure are keeping up with the times.
so i decided to watch "Star Trek Neminis. Wow, thats only two Star Trek movies i own. the first being "The search for spock. really liked that one. and yes, i do miss Mr.Spock. R.I.P. Leonard NImoy.
well, time to go out and have fun marking up the sidewalk....
I'm off