Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Happy Thursday. YAY US.

ok, ready for this??  ok, here i go doing my version of "THE HAPPY DANCE" on a table, except i can't clime the table. i'm sure you get the picture. YAY. The engineers will be done installing the new furnace today. Last night, i went down stairs and WOW. I didn't actually know I had a basement!  WOW. I could see the floor, the walls and now, all the empty space.  and today, they'll be finished. I'll have heat once again. YAY ME.
i took a photo of the old gravity furnance and will post it when i learn how to post a photo from a galaxy 5S smarty-pants phone.
SO today, happy Thrusday, is the begining of a warm, nice maybe a tad of rain,early fall  day. ah.... i love these days.
spring, fall. oh, yes, don't forget S.N.O.W.   Yay me......
ok, i've done enough damage with my snow comment.
I'm off

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