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So what movies interest you?

Me? I thought "the 5th Wave" would be interesting. I saw it. it isn't . It's an attemp to duplicate "The Hunger Games " and "Twilight". Now thats my opinion, since they already have two more films ready to shoot.  I guess I'm not in the mood for draging on story lines.  Godzilla, save me ( us).  Yes, the Japanese have another Godzilla film out. we shoudl get it within 2 months or so.
and yes, pokeman isn't in the films.
so hot shot, what would "I" , the movie person create???  hmmmm. Have to think about that one. I promise though, I would not remake any movies.   I give as an example, "Beh Hur".  Gad zooks!  What were they thinking?? I suppose "Gone with the wind is next".
this is too much for me ( and the cat)
SO, holding the cat waiting for the forecasted rain. ha ha ha.
I'm off ( really)


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Sep. 13th, 2016 07:06 pm (UTC)

I haven't seen the Fifth Wave, now I'm thinking I need not bother:)..hard to find a good flick these days.

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