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here comes the frost???

well, it sure was different, waking up to 53 degree weather.  Far cry from 74 last week. Fall is here.
Now I have oodles to accomplish before the first snow fall ( probably 6 weeks or later). Like hitch up this stupid new printer with the worse instructions I've ever seen. But, i'll get it running, if that is possible. I now have mowed by lawn and ran out of gas. wow. 2 gallons of gas lasted me 2 years! Now that's one tuned up lawn mower. YAY Hoffacter.
I just figuared out that we've ( the neighborhood) have mowed our lawns about once every 8 days!  I can't remember ever having to mow it that often. What gives?   Heat and rain??  what ever it is, lets hope that doesn't work for Accumulated snow fall. What a sports weekend: the tigers win and......place drum roll here........The Lion's DID TOO. wow. this is going to be a great season. Now, it's the Red Wings turn, whenever they start Hockey season, which i Dont have the foggious idea when it begins.
So, time to go and hear the children riding the bus to school. ??? I never took a bus, i ways walked..ok
I'm off