Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Wow, my first Fat Boy Hamburger in over 20 years!

It was worth waiting. it was Delicious .  They've really cleaned the old place up and put on a great menu. Nice to know I can get a meal and / or stop two stores north of them and get a fish dinner. what a neighborhood.
So today is happy Saturday. Yes, I'm doing a happy dance on my table. Why?  just because.   and i also took my very first nap yesterday afternoon. Well, it wasn't quite a nap, more like i fell asleep in the chair watchng the news. watching the news does that to me lately.
Today is install the new printer i got 2 weeks ago. i'm a tad slow, but hey, its' the end of summer after all.
ok, enjoy the weekend.
I"m off

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