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I got up yesterday at 7:34AM and promply hear a knocking at the front door: the abesto cleanup crew were here. They hadn't called me or anything . this was totallly unexpected. The reason being, the electrician and his crew were going to show up at 10:00AM to put in the wiring.  I can't find anybody to repari my old furnace, so.........I'm having a new one installed. But, codes change, like having a watthour metter that is rated at 600amps instead of the 300 i had. seems the state decided everybody should be ready to have central air conditioning. yay me. No, I'm not getting central air.  what, for me and one cat???  I'll get him  a paw fan instead.
so today, i put together a new tall kitchen garbage can. yay me. Yay me for just finding one. talk about findiing hen's teeth.
ok i'm doing the laundry. enjoy the fall weekend.
I'm off.