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I just knew I hadn't bought all my own Christmas presents..

I went over to Best Buy, and ( stupid stupid me) didnt look over the anime selection of DVDs. ( again,with feeling....stupid!!)
I did look at the whopping 3 CRT monitors they had . The rest were the panel types, you know the ones, with the button on the side that if you press it, it will tell you how much you still owe on it!. So, I went right by the $99.95 17' monitor by Mag for the Suamsung 17' for $149.95. The Samsung has a 3 year warrenty on both parts and labor. Yeahss........
This is not what I wanted to do. I have other things to do with money right now. Bills, bills and ....oh to hell with it.
It's a good thing I have a new monitor I can kick.
oh, I have to go. I'm hearing fans reving up...

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