Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

What a gloomy, soggy Saturday.

Thundering, raining and dark. but, it feels good. I decided to try my hand at making Sir Ian McKellens

Scrambled eggs. He has his own way of making them, and it sounded good.
Well, exciting Friday came and went. I mowed the lawn and got some other stuff done. so now, i can work through the weekend. Yay me.
one of my friends actually got "Skyrim", the Role Playing Game, for his X-box.  Yes, i have already had a phone call about how to play it. it does seem to have a steep learning curve.  thats why we should always save the game, no matter where we are in it.
ok, back to gloomy Saturday. oh, and the Saturday morning cartoons are not what they  used to be. wow.
ok, I'm off  ( my rocker?)


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