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So here we are, "Happy Friday". YAY. We have the whole weekend ahead of us.  my plans are to mow the lawn, ( say, didn't i just do that 8 days ago?) cut some more vines on the east side of the house and enjoy the beautiful, late summer weather. and we certainly can enjoy it.  I also may try to change my flip phone back to in service. ha ha ha. some cel companies should find another way of doing business. providing cel service isn't one of them.
So for a walk down memory lane, last night i started to watch "Blade".. i do like westley snipes. ( sp ).
I also cleaned out my expired vitamines. wow, all three bottles were expired!  I think i got them last year too. i guess it pays to check the expiration dates on everything.
and from the lets make more money but not charge more for the product dept. I got a loaf of bread, and it was the same price as before, but it was physically smaller.
cat on lap time.
i'm off