Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mr. Bumpy says, " you should worry and buy a farm" ( old family saying)

woke up to scared cat and rolling thunder and lightening. YAY. a good old fashioned summer rain storm. Not too much rain, but enough to create that wonderful fresh aroma of spring. ah...... i know, i know. the leafs will fall off within one week and i'll be shoveling snow by next months end.  as i said yesterday: " Jingle bells jingle bells...."
Today is quiet, soggy Thursday. The garbage trucks go bye and dump the carts and then I get to discover what i forgot to throw away. it is always like that.
what a day. the sun is poking through the clouds right now. Summer is back with us.
yay. my pal just called. now the day is much much better.
ok, i'm off

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